You Can Get Fired For It But Still Run for President

So projection writ large – the guy who accuses Mexicans of being rapist and worried about transgender people groping others in bathrooms brags about doing exactly the same thing; however, not just in the cramped stalls of public restrooms but anywhere he pleases because, after-all, he is a rich and powerful man.

To many admitting to something, which in the eyes of the law is no less than sexual assault, is not quite yet the straw that will break the camel’s back. Boasting about kissing women and grabbing their genitals, regardless of consent, is apparently not a disqualifying behavior for Trump’s White House bid. While TV broadcaster NBC showed considerably higher standards for their employees than the GOP does for presidential candidates, scorned frat boy Billy Bush can find some solace knowing that while you can get fired for that kind of behavior, in America, you can still run for President.

While many Republicans have disavowed Trump’s words and clamored about their wives, mothers and daughters, sounding more concerned about property damage than anything else, the rest of Trump’s base were unfazed. They passed it off as rough and real-talking Donald, dismissing it as nothing more than the PC police getting their pussies in a twist over a chat between “boys on the bus.”

What they fail to understated is it is not the words, which have been incessantly looped over the public airwaves, that are the problem. “To grab a pussy,” sure it’s crass and lewd and non-presidential but it’s not the words that are the concern. It’s not the how he described it, it’s the what he described. Trump could have used the most clinical and anatomical language and spoken like a blueblood gynecologist, and that redeems nothing. Trump, a self-proclaimed billionaire, by his estimation one of the most powerful men in the country, is boasting how his power and dominance allow him the right to grab another person’s genitals without their consent. He is not saying this in remorseful confession but pure revelry while the cackling Billy Bush cheered him on.

Many Republicans are quick to point a finger at Bill Clinton, even though he is not running for president, even though he did not win office with this type of behavior known, and even though the American public addressed it ad-nausea in great detail more than 20 years ago – a time when Trump himself was not much more than a “young foolish” pussy-grabbing 50 year old. Trump finds his only defense in deflection. You think I’m bad look at him. But that him is not running for office, that him is not being asked to lead the American people right here right now.

Trump furthers his defense by a press conference where he parades out female bodies, yes bodies because I don’t think Trump sees these brave women as individual humans; he sees them as only another commodity he can exploit. Trump seeks to use the bodies of women this time to shield him from his own behavior, creating in fact an all female human shield of deflection.

Plenty of people questioned what candidate we thought we’d been watching that this would catch us in any type of surprise. Trump has been running his misogynistic mouth on TV for decades. For the last two years now he has seized the limelight projecting his predatory mentality on to Mexican men and Transgender people. Now with these new revelations, it took barely a second for Trump to immediately throw ALL men under the bus in order to normalize his behavior, claiming it as nothing more than “locker room talk.” Unsurprisingly athletes, celebrities, and politicians, basically any self-respecting person with balls, were quick to remove their name from Trump’s locker room.

As a woman I can not confirm or deny the conversations that takes place in such hallowed male spaces. I can only use my best judgement of what I have seen, known and heard of men through out my life. Sure I’ve heard some pretty unpleasant stuff but freely bragging about sexual assault is a new one. To that effect I still don’t find Trump’s words ring true for the vast majority of male conversations – be they in the locker room or not. Why? Trump biographer Wayne Barrett puts it best

“They talk about this as if this is locker room bragging, and really, I was in a lot of locker rooms and I never heard anything like this. Men don’t brag about forcing themselves on women. They want to paint themselves as desirable, and, you know, he doesn’t look like a stud here. He looks like a predator. I’ve never heard men talk this way. This is boasting of something that shows your own weakness. It shows, you know, that a woman doesn’t want you; whereas, most boasts in these kind of scenarios are about women who do want you.”

I don’t think Trump has had or understands genuine locker room talk at all. I think he knows predator talk but not the talk of real men. The falseness of his claim I believe goes against the basic human wiring of any self-respecting self-preserving person. It’s not the righteousness of men I place my belief in but in the possession of a healthy human ego.


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