Things Not At Stake




When I come to white progressive liberal spaces like my feed on Facebook, I hear mostly fantasy politics. I hear all the reborn third-party advocates who get to debate and philosophize about a better tomorrow, while basking in the luxury of completely being able to ignore what is being asked of them today.
Those who I once thought would have been my allies I see are not. They are all about their blindingly bright white ideals that need not bend to any timeline-based reality. A few others just pull their tin-foil hat on tighter and claim it all a charade because the persecution of minorities is a TV special to them. They have no idea these threats are real. These threats, which come in a shift of policy, people and culture, happen all the time all over the world. It is clearly evident when I spend time in white spaces and then in brown spaces the stakes are not the same.

  • Most white Americans don’t risk the chance of not seeing members of their family for the foreseeable future as Trump bans anyone of the Muslim religion from entering the US.
  • Most White Americans won’t have to face the consequences of racial profiling, encouraged even amongst members of their own community. They won’t face the consequences of a society that sees them as a special type of citizen under-suspicion.
  • Most white Americans will not face members of their own family rounded up as 11 million undocumented people await deportation across the wall Trump promises to build.
  • Most white Americans don’t have to give any serious consideration as to how Trump’s America is going to round-up and process 11 million people through mass deportation camps. They don’t have to think at all about how you would deal with rounding up, detaining and processing enormous amounts of people designated already as unworthy of the same rights as “documented Americans.”
  • White people do not have to be worried about being stopped on the street and asked for their “documents” because their skin is brown.
  • White people do not have to worry about being seen as “inner city” thugs deserving of state-sanctioned racial profiling.
  • Most white people don’t have to worry about a Republican Party who was polled in 2012 as 20% thinking Lincoln made a mistake signing the Emancipation Proclamation. As a white person you might want to give some thought to the fact that up to half the party is polled to be in disagreement with or unsure of as to whether inter-racial marriage should be legal.
  • Let’s talk about marriage. If you’ve lucked out and you are not only white but cis-genderd and hetero-sexual, you don’t have to worry about having your marriages contested as the Republican party thinks it should. You won’t to worry about conversion therapy, an attempt to rewire your brain, proven unethical and cruel, reentering the cultural conversion because VP Mike Pence supports it. You are so lucky you don’t have to worry about violence as you simply attempt to use a public restroom.
  • Cherry on top if you are a straight cis-white-hetero-sexual-man, you do not have to worry about the autonomy of your very body in regards to sexual acts or reproduction being up for debate as the Republican party thinks it should. You don’t have to be worried about the curtailing of the “rape police” because of a leader who brags about doing what many men are sitting in jail for right now.

So lucky you get to vote with your conscious, what a fantastic privilege. If it all goes wrong what’s to lose, well maybe only your neighbor if they happen fall into an “unfortunate” category of American.


Simple living and loving it, I steward a hand tended, bike powered piece of land on a remote west coast island. When my hands are not in the soil I make music, take pictures and blog about media and country-living on TLV.

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