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Open Letter to anyone deciding to play Russian Roulette with this election and allow Trump to win.

I’ve heard you. I know you may think if Trump wins he will be an ineffectual figurehead to a corrupted democratic system. But guess what, this election is not about Trump; it is about what he stands for. It is the people he represents. It is the people who think they alone make America great. Guess what for those still in the “it’s all good colourblind white bubble,” these racist misogynistic assholes exist. They are real and they are not small in number. While people of colour or LGBTQ know them as they have lurked in the shadows sometimes stepping into the light to take pot or real shots at us, they have now found someone with a foothold in the nation’s discourse and government to unite under. With the legitimization of Trump, they have risen in an attempt to seize control of not only the laws but America’s conversations and their culture, which has a global impact. When you allow Trump to govern you don’t just give him license to govern, you give his people license for the persecution of minorities.

When the highest in office brags about sexual assault, supports racism and encourages fear and hate, this legitimizes xenophobic behavior and action. When Brexit went through in the UK guess what hate crimes in that country rose by 58% – yes, license for hate. This is the matchbox you are playing with – why because you have no skin in the game? These people felt affirmed and it legitimized attitudes and ignited horrific behavior. Even if you took Trump out of the equation do your research on the VP in waiting Mike Pence. He opposes marriage equality, women’s right to choose and supports conversion therapy for gay people. If Trump gets into to office, Pence will be the second most influential man in the country. This is not an abstract academic debate about how corrupt the US system is; you have a monster at your door literally.

Those who are not American encouraging them to split votes and shrug their shoulders about how dysfunctional their country is makes me as a woman of colour feel betrayed: that you would put people of colour even more at risk than they already are to prove a point, that you would pretend in the next 30 days Americans can bring the system down by not voting or voting for a candidate who most of America has almost no idea exists. Yes Jill Stein has less than 2% in the polls. Cry all you want how unjust, how uneducated, but this is the reality right here right now. You love Stein? Build her up BETWEEN elections. Don’t just come in on the final hour with 2% like you are going to save the day. You are delusional and putting more people’s safety at risk. No matter who you elect 2016 in the white house, it is not going to stop bombs falling on foreign soil; it is not going to solve racial and economic injustice overnight or over even a decade because that is a long-term joint project in which we ALL need to get our hands dirty BETWEEN elections. Trump is creating an enemy out of the world, and you are so much further away in your goals of stopping bombs from falling anywhere including in your own backyard.

Don’t come crying to me like a baby, Hilary is so corrupt, Hilary is so this or so that. She’s fucking sane so you can have a actual conversation. Right now no it is not business as usual in the slimy corrupted hollows of the government. We have moved beyond status quo. America’s Trump Pence ticket is looking to take away the rights of your very neighbor if they are a woman, if they are Muslim, if they are Latinx, if they are African American, if they are LGBTQ. Don’t tell me for one second that I’m supposed to believe you care about what happens to one child in Iraq, if I can see you can’t give a fuck about your neighbor.

Sorry to break it you but America you have two choices and you have spent centuries to get to this point. This is no aberration but a culmination and you have to vote for what is right infront of you. After then you can resume you regular programming or start to push for the changes you want BUT you can’t have them in less than 30 days from now. Right here right now you have to address the real not the ideal.

You need to get the rodeo clown with the chainsaw off the center of the stage. He is moving directly for certain people in the crowd and you need to deal with your immediate surroundings. Then and only then can you even begin to have a real sane conversation addressing any issue whatsoever. Because guess what and this goes for a lot of people all over the world, I can’t have, which for you and me, is a theoretical conversation about foreign policy if I am worried for the immediate physical safety of myself and/or my neighbour. Get your tinfoil hat off, get out of your ivory tour, give the conspiracy podcast a break and address an extremist thug when you see one. Since the Republicans failed to escort Trump out of the building when they should have, so they could have even a slightly real election, the American public is going to have to do it. Don’t get in the way.


Simple living and loving it, I steward a hand tended, bike powered piece of land on a remote west coast island. When my hands are not in the soil I make music, take pictures and blog about media and country-living on TLV.

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