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Rolling Home

Carmen driving“I’m probably the only person who can do a full sun-salutation in here.” Roshin said raising her arms which barely skimmed the wood-paneled ceiling. At “five feet fuck all,” as she puts it she was proportionally perfect for the Green Turtle, an old school bus that had been converted into a tiny home on wheels. Roshin’s first plunge into home ownership was made easy by the bus’ beautiful wood interior, fashioned long ago from a dedicated and imaginative carpenter, and its functioning propane fueled engine, which made moving it a realistic prospect. She, however, is mostly interested in parking it, and has perched it cliff-side above a lagoon where she relishes exploring domestic life built to scale.

Roshin says the irony of being a longtime cycling activist who now technically lives in a motor vehicle was far from lost on her. She admits it provoked a strange little hiccup of doubt that had made her pause before purchasing. Not letting past attitudes block future roads however, Roshin says a few months before finding the bus she’d made a little wish to the universe for a place to call her own. She laughs,”I had to admit I hadn’t been too specific on the details.”