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The Green Turtle Sails

“I wonder if they will let me put the bus here,” is how Carmen cast the spell initially while taking a walk on a friend’s acreage. It was literally a million dollar view, and as you’d have it, open for a hundred or so dollars a month bus parking and hook-up. So I hauled my camera along for the launch of Carmen’s landship (not a bus, don’t say bus) from its old home on the seller’s foliage thick driveway to it’s cliff-side perch for the summer. The road to her chosen spot was so steep and narrow at times, when looking at the smoke from her engine, I had to admit I wrestled with doubt. But she made it. Ali, the driver, expertly steered her up and through, parking her perfectly per Carmen’s instruction.

Out of a little sweat and worry, from the backseat on this little adventure came this short film, The Green Turtle Sails. Yes, and where’s the green? Well it was before the vessel was the glorious colour she is today but most certainly she was already green at heart. Carmen took a can of forest green to her over the summer, and now her amphibious nature is much clearer.


Fire Meditation

In the winter I have a morning meditation. It starts in October and ends in April. It is one I have to do in the morning whether I like it or not, more to the case whether I want to be warm or not. Before morning tea or toast, with sleep still in my eyes, I must create fire. It… Read more →

Ferry ride


I arrived late in the season. Moving a bit more north and a bit more rural, I arrived to my new home both in the darkest and coldest time of year. I had to run around with weather striping and plastic for thin windows, scramble to secure wood for the old blaze king, and I spent days chopping frozen rounds… Read more →