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A Village Wedding

A community that celebrates stays together, and the rituals around births, death and union are both the high points and social glue of island life. This summer when our regional director Noba Anderson married, it was an open door wedding that packed the hall and wove family, friends and neighbours into the ceremony. “We go to a lot of weddings,… Read more →

Meinsje’s Dream Caravan

Meinsje’s Dream Caravan Show

Celebrating her unstoppable creativity, Meinsje wowed an enthusiastic and packed house with a rock your socks off tour de force of song, dance and puppets at a fundraiser for her to attend The Banff Puppet Intensive. Meinsje’s passion for art and performance were at the forefront and showcased in a short video highlighting the night.

Music: Creation Song by Ann Mortifee from the album Reflections On Crooked Walking

From the beginning, Meinsje was been a prominent voice in Cortes Island’s artistic community. She taught at the Linnaea school for fifteen years and is a director of the Old SchoolHouse Art Gallery. Meinsje’s dance too, her performances at Cortes Island’s Lip Sync and cabaret, puppetry and paintings continue to captivate viewers.