Parlimentary Relations

Justin Trudeau at Pride

Well it’s a good day to be a Canadian on social media. My feeds are rife with politics but not the normal left leaning misery about the failed uptopia of Canada but actually slightly guarded optimism. With a kinder, gentler and shall we say more comely face to Canadian politics,the first days in office for Trudeau are winning him a national popularity contest. Showcasing by the people for the people manoeuvres, Trudeau’s cabinet appointments took heed of some favoured words of wisdom. “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”

All with impressive credentials in their field  (the same field of the ministry they run- a novel approach for Canada), we got women, we got minorities, and well we got them all because you know it’s 2015. So now the cabinet looks like a Canada more of us can recognize, and maybe a few more of us can approach and negotiate with. The shingle is out for open door politics on the hill and it looks like the we not me generation have ascended to the seats of Canadian power.

In retrospect Harper looks like the bad ex-boyfriend/girlfriend of whom you wonder how it went on for so long. “Well he paid the rent.” Everyone is so enamoured with the new guy though we have hardly noticed the silent swan song and conservative “regroup’ as they look to rebuild the brand – not the “Harper government” any more.

When I look back though to me Harper was more of a parental figure, like a stern father, one who laid down the law and did not care what the “kids” thought about it because he “knew best.” Trudeau on the other hand, in his initial days at least, is actually acting like a public servant. There is no other way to put it. In the first few days of Trudeau, the cabinet, the return to long-form census and even the riding with my homies on the parliamentary bus, he might actually be there to serve the will of the people?! After years of a paternalistic asperger-like leadership, I’m dumbfounded too. I’ve seen few leaders amplify their celebrity by being a keen public servant as opposed to overload or figurehead. On the later, he is that for the liberal party but his rising fame alone may give some leeway in the lion’s den. At any rate, this has me tuned into Canadian politics once again as their seems at last like opportunity for long awaited and sorely needed changes for this country.


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