Mother Nature Waits For No One


Well I’m a farmer, so in the spring it’s all about being outside – preparing, planting, and pruning, cultivating, cutting and clipping – basically doing my imagination and stomach’s bidding. Sometimes I think I might like to be inside, out of the sun and on my ass, my hair kept free of debris and my fingernails clear of dirt. But mother nature waits for no one.

Truth be told I do prefer awaking and checking my garden as opposed to inbox, and I think I will have plenty of time to play with pixels and bytes in the winter. Speaking of, while in the throws of summertime country style, I am always amazed at how so much of it is spent preparing for the winter. It’s not just planting for your pantry, but all the home repairs to be done in the dry: all the wood to be chopped, eaves to be mended and roofs to repair. There seems a never ending list of chores. Even though summer has just begun, I thought the other day, rubbing my achy lower back, how despite all the warm weather, I looked forward to the laziness of winter.


Simple living and loving it, I steward a hand tended, bike powered piece of land on a remote west coast island. When my hands are not in the soil I make music, take pictures and blog about media and country-living on TLV.