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Locker Room

You Can Get Fired For It But Still Run for President

So projection writ large - the guy who accuses Mexicans of being rapist and worried about transgender people groping others in bathrooms brags about doing exactly the same thing; however, not just in the cramped stalls of public restrooms but ...
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Leaving Room for Grief

When we see tragedy it is natural to want to protect ourselves from the grief and anger by finding ways to pull away. The easiest is to rattle off a list of the crimes against humanity that happen in the ...
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Justin Trudeau at Pride

Parlimentary Relations

Well it's a good day to be a Canadian on social media. My feeds are rife with politics but not the normal left leaning misery about the failed uptopia of Canada but actually slightly guarded optimism. With a kinder, gentler ...
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coconut oil

Debunking Debunkers and is Oil-pulling Good For You

In reaction to the endless hoax headlines of 2013, Buzzfeed's Charlie Warzel writes, “The ‘Hoax Economy’ gives way to a new breed of fact checking.” 2014 is the year of the debunk. No, there isn't ship of rats floating towards ...
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The Great Court

Where Does Democracy Start?

I won’t lie. I held the news at bay till Wednesday morning. That was the earliest I was ready to receive election results. I can’t say hearing a 4th term for the BC Liberal party didn’t made my heart sink ...
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