Media Matters

Plastic Bag Floating in Ocean

The Problem With Plastic in Our Oceans

The Problem With Plastic in Our Oceans Excellent feature on CBC's The Current charting plastics movement and impact across the ocean. Not only does the radio feature start by looking at the recent west coast of Vancouver Island's mass plastic ...
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Check It

Please check your sources. I know often it is not intended and only out of ignorance but come 2016, and all the madness it has entailed, I’ve seen a bunch of liberal lefties along my feed forwarding BS alt-right news ...
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Cultural Appropriation Flyer

Cultures Are Not Costumes and Why It Matters To White People

We are at this time of year when being naughty and spooky is more fun than being nice, and Halloween allows you the opportunity to let your inner child or monster run free. We also start to hear the words ...
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Things Not At Stake

    When I come to white progressive liberal spaces like my feed on Facebook, I hear mostly fantasy politics. I hear all the reborn third-party advocates who get to debate and philosophize about a better tomorrow, while basking in ...
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I Will Remember

I will remember the ones who took the time and energy to stand up and defend Women, Muslims, Latinx, LGBT and African Americans from direct attack - not from attack from ill-thought out policy or shifty back room behavior of ...
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US Voting Map Race Breakdown

The Rodeo South

Open Letter to anyone deciding to play Russian Roulette with this election and allow Trump to win. I've heard you. I know you may think if Trump wins he will be an ineffectual figurehead to a corrupted democratic system. But ...
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