Media Matters

Wolf Watch with Nat Geo

National Geographic's YouTube Channel did a recent feature on coastal wolves. For me, a resident in west coast ...
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Red and Blue States Map

Let’s Just Get This Straight

People have been doing a lot of theorizing and philosophizing to cope with the United States' presidential election ...
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Merchants of Doubt

Why if we have 97% of scientist agree with human caused climate change do we still have debate ...
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Kool-Aide A Coming

We are now in the aftermath of the 2016 Trumpsterfuck. And though I am not really a cynic, ...
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Still Confused But Ready For Real Talk

You said you wanted change and now you got it. Now it’s happened. The earth shook beneath your ...
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Plastic Bag Floating in Ocean

The Problem With Plastic in Our Oceans

The Problem With Plastic in Our Oceans Excellent feature on CBC's The Current charting plastics movement and impact ...
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