Kitchen Sink Veggie Roast

I’m famous for this dish. It’s a standby and I have it at least several times a week. It’s a big hit at dinner parties too and is so savoury no matter how many times you have it it feels like a treat. I preface my famous veggie roast recipe with the “kitchen sink” because really anything goes. Instead of making soup, with the benefit of oil and  an oven, root vegetables or brassica stalks make a dish so flavor packed it will make things like french fries inferior memories.  This is a slow bake but easy prep recipe that is fundamentally based in the magic reality that anything tossed in  olive or coconut oil tastes good.  The only thing to make it any better is topping it all off with some miso tahini sauce.
Veggie roast ingredients
The most basic ingredients I use:

      Potato or Sweet Potatoes sliced (The thinner you slice the quicker they bake. I like a quarter inch slice)
      Broccoli spears and stalk sliced up
      Carrots sliced
      Onion chopped in think short strips and
      Whole clove garlic
      + roast pan and oven set at 375 degrees C

Chop up veggies and throw them together in either a large metal bowl for maximum coat or go the lazier root with one less dish to wash and pile and toss them in the roasting pan you are going to bake them in. The prep time should be less then 10 minutes, which includes touring the kitchen for left-over veggies and chopping them up ready for the oil and oven. This is the perfect dish to make use of veggies past their prime as well as items formerly know as soup ingredient: sliced broccoli stalks, whole garlic gloves, quartered onions, celery stalks and leaf combined with any manner of root vegetables. Note that the cooking time will depend on the root veggie you use. Sweet potatoes, which are my favorites, need the shortest cooking time, and the more orange the flesh the shorter it needs. When tossed and ready I put the pan into a preheated oven at 375 degrees F for around 70 minutes. I’ll only open the oven once at around the 40 minute mark when the root vegetables start to brown, take the pan out give it a toss to so the veggies achieve and even brown and put it back in the oven for another 20 minutes or so. I like things to get crispy so it really is matter of preferred taste and texture.

Miso Tahini sauceSauce:

      Tahini 1 Tbsp
      Almond, peanut or alternative seed or nut butter 1 tsp optional
      Miso 1 tsp (to taste)
      Garlic 1 or 2 cloves
      Water (pour in according to consistency desired, I used around half a cup)

Let me know in the comments below if you have any veggie favorites you add to give it your own spin. For me the highlight of the dish is the baked garlic which brings a smile to the face of many a dinner guest. It’s like a penny in a cake but it tastes much much better.


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