I Will Remember


I will remember the ones who took the time and energy to stand up and defend Women, Muslims, Latinx, LGBT and African Americans from direct attack – not from attack from ill-thought out policy or shifty back room behavior of which every single politician is guilty because it is systemic, not from attack that is a child ignorance from all the hard facts that lay on the table, but from direct and explicit attack made right in front of their face. Seeing people who brush off the direct persecution of minorities made explicit by not just the leader but by his supporters, lets me know who will never have my back. I will remember those who will not put minorities further at risk, and I will remember who turned their face or ones who just put the tin foil hat on even tighter – something that is easy to do when you literally have no skin in the game.


Simple living and loving it, I steward a hand tended, bike powered piece of land on a remote west coast island. When my hands are not in the soil I make music, take pictures and blog about media and country-living on TLV.