Hall being built

Beyond Its Doors

Cortes Votes on Hall Tax Oct 26 2019 I live on Cortes Island. I don’t have kids in play school. I don't have a market stall, nor am part of the pottery guild. I seldom attend dances or dinners at either hall and mainly, for me, Mansons Hall is a place to collect mail, score Thrift Store finds and point visitors to buy market treats and get a sense of Cortes community. At the same time I will ...
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Cortes Day parade

Cortes Day

Get in the mood for sun and summer with a flashback to 2017's Cortes Day. Seeing my community celebrate always brings a big smile to my face. A special shout out is deserved to all the great volunteers who make events like this happen on our island. Music: Back Eddy and the Procrastinators. More music and info at and follow them on Instagram at backeddytheprocrastinator.Learn more about Cortes Island and Cortes Day at ...
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Eating Sunlight Video

Eating Sunlight Art & Dance Show

Eating Sunlight from Romina Jones on Vimeo. Exhibition and prayerformance captured in this short video from the Eating Sunlight show September 2nd to the 6th 2016 at the The Old School House Gallery on Cortes Island. Joy Kerfoot: paintings and installation Jennifer Mcleish-Lewis: choreography Hannu Huuskonen: soundscape ...
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LEAP Conversation Cafe Cortes

LEAP Conversations

LEAP Conversation Cafe Cortes LEAP (Local Economic Action Plan) is an initiative of the Cortes Island Business and Tourism Association (CIBATA) with support of Island Coastal Economic Trust and the Strathcona Regional District. The LEAP goal is to foster community economic development through community engagement and planning. The LEAP Conversation Cafe allowed community members an opportunity to think about economic issues on the island, and through tackling diverse questions together, they were able to help shape the LEAP ...
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Harvest Fest Trio

Linnaea Harvest Fest

Cortes Community celebrates the Fall Harvests ...
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A Village Wedding

A community that celebrates stays together, and the rituals around births, death and union are both the high points and social glue of island life. This summer when our regional director Noba Anderson married, it was an open door wedding that packed the hall and wove family, friends and neighbours into the ceremony. "We go to a lot of weddings, so we see a lot of different kinds of ceremonies." says local photographer Darshan Stevens. "At Peter & ...
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