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Cortes Bike Gang: not hardcore just badass

Cortes Bike Gang Logo

“A gang of 16+ semi-ruly bikers went on a mild rampage yesterday, causing a modicum of orderly disruption. The bike gang rallied at Mansons Hall and proceeded en mass to Smelt Bay, creating a traffic jam that delayed vehicular transportation by up to two minutes. Badass! At Smelt Bay the gang were said to have thrown some stones in the water and partied down to homemade banjo tunes. After indulging in said mayhem the gang repaired to the Secret Clubhouse for cookies and hot beverages. More Cortes Bike Gang activities are threatened in near future. BE VERY AFRAID! “

Firsthand report from Roshin Carmen of
Music by Blake Candy
Original post in the The Cortes Tidelines

Shaeah and Theda From My Heart Video Remix

Shaeah Love readingSoul sisters Shaeah Love and Theda Phoenix offered up some celebration and inspiration showcasing the written word and the song. Sharing passages from her new book “From My Heart Top Yours” Shaeah Love read excerpts in accordance to page number called out. Combining some of the keywords that emerged through the night’s reading, singer-songwriter Theda Phoenix then created an improv song in front of the crowd, striking to the poetic heart of the evening.

heart of the village

Heart of the Village

“Heart of the Village” is Cortes Natural Food Co-op’s submission for The Cooperators National Coop Challenge. Trying to raise money to purchase the land CNFC sits upon, its members entered the challenge with eyes on a $220,000 prize. Managing an up beat and succinct summation of why CNFC really is essential bricks and mortar for the Cortes community, the video… Read more →