Year: 2012

Moop and Me

Clear Bag Recycling

When Dova arrived to the island there was a hole in the ground for trash, a small metal pile, a fish net full of milk jugs. In 1993 she got a contract from the regional district to handle the island’s recycling. Now a permanent fixture the Recyclng Centre is a hub or refuse and resources where locals can both discard trash and find treasures.

heart of the village

Heart of the Village

“Heart of the Village” is Cortes Natural Food Co-op’s submission for The Cooperators National Coop Challenge. Trying to raise money to purchase the land CNFC sits upon, its members entered the challenge with eyes on a $220,000 prize. Managing an up beat and succinct summation of why CNFC really is essential bricks and mortar for the Cortes community, the video… Read more →

Kale Salad

Marinated Mushroom & Kale Salad

Raw Food Goddess Tanya Krahn’s easy and truly west coast kale salad comes alive with a citrus zing alongside local shitakes. Always imaginative and full of living flavor, Krahn’s raw food creations can be found in her line of nut butters and her Little Sprout’s Organic Raw Vegan Cuisine book. Marinated Mushroom & Kale Salad Recipe Type: Salad Author: By… Read more →