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Dova at recycling centre

Moop and Me

When Dova arrived to the island there was a hole in the ground for trash, a small metal pile, a fish net full of milk jugs. In 1993 she got a contract from the regional district to handle the island’s recycling. Now a permanent fixture the Recyclng Centre is a hub or refuse and resources where locals can both discard… Read more →


The Bane of My Existence

Plastic, I love it. I hate it. Plastic houses my laptop; it makes up my plumbing; it keeps my sandwiches fresh and it’s the foundation of my music collection. How would we exist without rubbermaid. What would the world be with out ceran wrap. Plastic seems necessary and insidious and it doesn’t go anywhere, ever, literally. Plastic is waste free… Read more →

Clear Bag Recycling

It’s Possible:

When I started my zero-waste challenge a year and a half ago, the first pedal to the recycling depot felt like judgement day. It would either confirm or eradicate my waste free ambitions. I’d packed my panniers with cardboard, glass, and plastic, devoid hopefully of any garbage, and I cycled to the depot with both fear and hope in my… Read more →

Clear Bag Recycling

Being the Change

People are slowly coming round to zero-waste, and both community and individual initiatives are building, but the concept is still pioneering. I get this all the time: what do you mean you’re zero-waste; what do you do with your garbage? By me saying I’m zero-waste, I am actually saying there is no such thing as garbage. Let me pause while… Read more →