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A Village Wedding

A community that celebrates stays together, and the rituals around births, death and union are ...
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Sunset watch

31 Day Sunset Challenge

In August I took the 31 day sunset challenge. Inspired by Happy Healthy Vegan's  sunset ...
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coconut oil

Debunking Debunkers and is Oil-pulling Good For You

In reaction to the endless hoax headlines of 2013, Buzzfeed's Charlie Warzel writes, “The ‘Hoax ...
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Mansons Dock

Daily Grind

I remember years ago on Saturday mornings taking the forest rails to the farmers market ...
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Romina moonhill video

Moonhill One to Five

Moonhill One to Five is a short film by Romina Jones showing highlights from the ...
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y2k remainder

We’re Not All Wired Here

Our internet comes from some sort of tower relay system. I’m not sure how it ...
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